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Sollitaire [userpic]

Made a Shammy and a Druid

Nahimana and Mosi :)

Heather [userpic]

I rolled another UD mage late last night. Her name is Melantha. I'll try to be on some tonight to get a few lvls and sign/join the guild. Otherwise I'll be on my main desperately trying to ding 50 so that I can start grinding AV.

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wantsmorecats [userpic]


I haven't gotten around to creating a char yet. I finally dinged 50 on Meke on SkullCrusher, so I've been ganking Allies in STV as payback :)

How's the roster looking? Is there one? What should I roll when I do?

I prefer caster-classes, but I'd be willing to give something else a shot if it's needed!

Edit : Forgot to mention, I'd be happy to help out with any anything if its needed (guild wise, comm wise, pretty headers wise, whatevs!) (I hate that word.. Whatevs.. Why did I say that?!)

Deek [userpic]

Hey, this looks like fun. :) I rolled a lock named Asar today, but I'm willing to make any other class neccessary. Maybe a shaman, I haven't seen a lot of interest in those from you guys and I don't see very many female shaman to begin with.

Anyway, I'm not going to be able to really play until I get my new computer bought/built, so when I'm really able to play I'll ask if there's anything needed.

I might just level two characters.

Nola [userpic]

I'm new to WOW (about 2 months) and I'm not really a gamer. If the rest of you don't mind helping me out a bit, I'd love to join your new guild. My first character, druid night-elf, just made level 20. I've been working almost entirely solo.

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Ecstasya [userpic]

Greetings Ladies!

I'm glad to see some of us from wow_ladies will be getting acquainted with each other.

This is going to be my frist time playing a horde toon.
I currently have a 60 Human Lock on another server and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions to a class that I may enjoy.

I don't think I'm fit for a healer,
So at the moment I am just going to make a a rogue, mage and warrior and see which is more funner.

See ya!

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Chantal [userpic]

Hey, I just created my character an undead priest named Melanion. Hope to see you guys soon.

Melissa [userpic]

I'm Mellissa the Undead Priest. I had to delete the Alliance characters I had on DS, so there is commitment for you. =P

... [userpic]

Hi all and welcome :)

I'm not sure if we'll end up using this community, but it's here if we need it.

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