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August 2006
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Ok time to get my act back together :)

I've been away, I went interstate for awhile them when I got back my computer exploded, so I haven't been around. But things look pretty much as they did when I left.

So, are people still interested in the guild? Replying to this post with a yes/no would be good.

I'm going to assume there's a general yes but hasn't been much point or people have had trouble meeting up. So as Nola suggested how about a RFC run this weekend sometime?

Just to throw a time out how about Saturday 6pm Server time. Can anyone suggest a better time?


I'm pretty open this weekend, 6pm Sat is fine with me. I could be online during the day also if that works better for anyone.

I'm still intersted in playing with you guys. I think once we/I get our characters to at least the 20's pvp'ing (the reason we made the guild) will be a little easier. I've always been frustrated trying to pvp in the teens. I'm definitely down for some RFC this weekend, and I'll get my mage up another lvl or 2 before then. I have no idea how ST relates to my time at the moment, but once I sign in and figure it out I'll let you know how well 6pm Sat works. Also, for those of us that are playing, it seems we might be pretty heavy on some caster classes (ie, mages).... I can probably lvl a priest pretty fast or maybe even a druid (I've tried rogues and warriors and I just can't get that playstyle down. The only reason I went with a mage is becasue I already have pvping down pat with my main.

Maybe another Druid would be good if you're interested in that class.

I went with a Mage this time because my main is actually a Rogue, but I've rolled one on Demon Soul as well. I might have to level her for the guild, or even make a warrior.

Demon Soul must be an Eastern server. I'm same as pacific and it is 3 hours later on the server...so that means 3pm on Sat PDT. Pacific daylight time. Right?

I need the practice in RFC. I've never played a Warrior before. Can't hold agro very well.

Yeah that sounds right then, sure as of right now 6pm ST should work, though if more of us are on the west coast we might want to move it later an hour or two.

Well if I get my act together and get a druid to 12 by then and get bear form I can help you tank. Not that I've tried it either, but I'd be willing to try it as well. If not I'll just shoot lots of fireballs at things before the mobs kill us. Are there any priests around? Because without one of them we'll have to pug.

I'd like the experience for my 16 warrior, but if we need her, I can take my 25 druid.

I think the Warrior's probably a better idea.