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August 2006
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Coraline Jones [userpic]

Hi everyone! I was told about this community/guild in wow_ladies. I've been playing WoW for about 8 months, mostly play Horde, I have a 53 Undead Warlock on Spinebreaker. I'm really digging the idea of an all-girl guild, and I'm also really into PvP, so I'm interested in starting a character on a PvP server for this purpose.

This guild sounds great - so I was wondering what classes are needed atm - there seem to be quite a few priests in here, and I already have a lock (my main), so anything else would be great :)

Btw, the real-life me is 23, a university student (trying to finish this year), and working as a research assistant. Oh, and I live in Sydney (Australia) - which may make things a bit interesting when we try to coordinate schedules - I assume most of you are in the US?


Welcome. Several people said that they were interested in starting this guild, but all of us seem to either have toons on other servers that are keeping us busy or real life issues.

I've only played with guildies twice. My main here is a 25 tauren druid, Nolamae, and I think she is the highest level in our guild. I also have a 15 orc warrior, Nolarage. I'd love to get a few of us together to quest or do RFC or WC together. I play all times of the day because I work at home, so we should be able to find some time to get together.