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Ok, I'm going to do a sign ups thing for the RFC run. Which looks like it's going to happen at 6pm server time this Saturday. And yeah, there's a few on the server who haven't joined the guild yet, feel free to nominate yourselves if you want to come.

1. Sleety - Mage (23, so I can drop out ifsomeone more lvl appropriate wants to go).
2. Nolarage - Warrior
3. Melantha - Mage lvl 12

Comment here if you're coming :)

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Ok time to get my act back together :)

I've been away, I went interstate for awhile them when I got back my computer exploded, so I haven't been around. But things look pretty much as they did when I left.

So, are people still interested in the guild? Replying to this post with a yes/no would be good.

I'm going to assume there's a general yes but hasn't been much point or people have had trouble meeting up. So as Nola suggested how about a RFC run this weekend sometime?

Just to throw a time out how about Saturday 6pm Server time. Can anyone suggest a better time?

Coraline Jones [userpic]

Hi everyone! I was told about this community/guild in wow_ladies. I've been playing WoW for about 8 months, mostly play Horde, I have a 53 Undead Warlock on Spinebreaker. I'm really digging the idea of an all-girl guild, and I'm also really into PvP, so I'm interested in starting a character on a PvP server for this purpose.

This guild sounds great - so I was wondering what classes are needed atm - there seem to be quite a few priests in here, and I already have a lock (my main), so anything else would be great :)

Btw, the real-life me is 23, a university student (trying to finish this year), and working as a research assistant. Oh, and I live in Sydney (Australia) - which may make things a bit interesting when we try to coordinate schedules - I assume most of you are in the US?

jazz78 [userpic]


I've always wanted to try a PVP server and finally decided to give it a try. :)I usually play on Bronzebeard with Dota and Doth.
I've got Melanthe, a troll mage that I just started tonight. I'm usually on late, anytime from 7p-6a EST.

Nola [userpic]

Hi Dots.

The very worst things about rolling on a new server are no money and no bags! When Sleety met up with me to get my signature for Dots, she gave me a 2 bags. They were just 6 slots each, but it made such a difference until I could start earning some money.

So now I have those 6-slot bags and a few others sitting in my bank. If anyone wants to roll a toon to join the Daughters of the Sword on Demon Soul, or if you are already there but still too poor to purchase bags, mail Nolamae in game and I'll send you some bags...free while supplies last. You can pass it on when you upgrade.

Nola [userpic]

I guess I need a new Horde icon.

Hello Dots. I guess we have all been busy this summer, there hasn't been much activity here. Has anyone played together on Demon Soul?

I have a 23 Tauren Druid, Nolamae and a 15 Orc Warrior, Nolarage. I've been doing WC and RFC with PUGS. If anyone wants to get a group together, I think it would be great. Questing together would be fun too. Watch for me online or send me ingame mail. I work at home so I can play at all different hours, I'm usually up late.

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I finally finished getting the charter signed today so we officially have a guild! Now we just need more people to come play in it ;)

And I'd like to know who'd like to be made officers. Basically it means you'd be able to invite/kick people and stuff like that. Nothing too dramatic to do in a small guild.

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Hi everyone, sorry I haven't been around the last couple of days. Real life took over things somewhat. But I'm back, and wanting to get the charter all signed because as of now we still don't officially have a guild.

Could people who can make it on to sign tell me what time they'll be around (server time please) and I'll come meet you. I'm on my way to work now so not for the next 8 hours please but I have a day off tomorrow so that's fine if you can be around then.

kadie_darling [userpic]

So far I've made two toons Zikteka a level 10 Troll Rouge, Miner and Engineer, and a Level 3 Undead Priest named Teena. I havnt seen anyone on from the group yet but I'm keeping an eye out. I'm not sure who I want to use for my main (or even if I'll make a different toon) I've never played as Horde so I'm just trying to get a feel for what I like best. (And my rougy is costing me so much that I don't have)

fish-shaped ethylbenzene [userpic]

My computer's broken so I haven't created a character yet, but I love the idea for DOTS! And yay horde, I've only played alliance (since the closed beta! it's been two years...) I've always wanted to make an all-girl pvp a-team on my pvp server just for kicks, since usually as individuals we're the only girl on our respective teams, but never got around to coordinating all the random girls I'd met from scores of different guilds together...

Troll men are sexy (I /eye every one I see, kek), so I was set on making a male troll shaman, but then I realized it would probably be strange to see a male character running around proclaiming himself a daughter of the sword. =( crossdresser maybe? wedding dress here i come...

Haha. If most of you prefer that all the characters in the guild be female, maybe I'll make a female orc shaman instead--I get the feeling they, like dwarven females, are a rare breed? Let me know. =)

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